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Julio's Daytona 1999 Pics
Jose Gonzalez , The Baron  and Julio Hernandez ,Lola,Selena and Barons Ride 
at the Daytona Speedway Parking lot.
The Hotel U-Haul 
in field end of 
Daytona International Airport 
(A Very Cold Place)
Jose Gonzales and the bikes
outside Hotel U-Haul
Julio receiving the Trophy 
for most radical Custom and $100 gift certificate
president Star Riders
Yamaha Dudes on Jose bike,
on the left is the head of 
Product and Services,
Yamaha USA.
On the
bike is the head of Product Developtment,
Yamaha Japan and the other guy on the right is head of Design, Yamaha Japan.

They loved them

Jose on Royal Star 
with a nice custom paint job.
Jose and Julio with  the bikes and the trophies that they won, 
at Daytona Speedway.