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The Bike......

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Panhead Chopper
This is another star of the movie
Easy Rider

 Harley Davidson
Panhead Motorcycle

This bike was built on a 
Chromed wishbone ridgid frame,
with the front end raked-out to 43 degrees
and 12-inch over on the forks, 
turned-down lower legs, 
dogbone riser and Apehanger handlebars
Red,Whit & Blue cover
a 2-gallon peanut tank and 
a four-foot sissy bar made by Paughco
The upswept fishtail pipes let the exhaust 
flow from the H-D Panhead engine.
It has a 4 speed transmission, a 
"mousetrap" spring-aided clutch,
six-volt charging system,
mechanical rear brake (no front brake)
Rumored to have been built by Dan Haggerty
(of TV's "Grizzly Adams")

Harley Davidson Panhead Chopper

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