Peter Fonda......"Captain America"

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Peter Fonda 
stars as
"Captain America"
there is a lot more to him
than his on screen image, 
take a look at some of it......

Rough Cut Q & A's conducts a very interesting interview with Peter Fonda about his latest film, Ulee's Gold
Fonda's Golden Role
Jam Movies from Canada does an excellent story on the modern day Fonda, chronicling his career and his life....
Peter's still Fonda dad
Check out Fonda-White Productions for his latest Easy Rider site, 
Biker Stuff.....
Fonda-White Productions has information on Peters Oscar nomination for the movie Ulee's stuff....
CINEMANIA Online has a very cool interview
(7 pages) with Peter, it contains some Real Audio clips of the interview where he talks about Easy Rider.
"What a long strange ride it's been"
Indian Jeff Benefit
Peter Fonda & friends came together and constructed this benefit to help Jeff, his wife and sons cope with
    the staggering expenses related to his accident. That Mr. Fonda is donating time from his demanding
    schedule speaks volumes about the friendship and bonds formed within the motorcycling community. 
Indian Jeff Benefit

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