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Merry Christmas and Happy Hoildays
from FastEddy's V-Star Pages...

Win $3000 Holiday Cash

Santa Rider say's Happy Holidays
Happy Holiday Stuff for Big Kids.......
Demented Christmas Cheer

The Biker's Night Before Christmas
The Laffatorium, 
Holiday Humor
  Have Yourself a 
Merry Little Christmas Page

Images Of Haddon Sundblom's
Coca-Cola Santa
 Happy Christmas, 
with a humorous twist....
Doctor Fun 
Christmas Cartoons

Wisconsin Winter Wonderland
Diary of a Snow Shoveler

Here are some of My Favorite Christmas Funnies.....

Missing Elf

How to tell you've been Really Bad!!

The Day the Elves won the Lottery
I said off to the Schmidt House!!!
Santa's Cousin, Ralph

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