How it made me feel.....

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I was only 15 years old when the movie Easy Rider came out in 1969, and it was to be the most powerful influence in my life at that time. 
A poster of the picture to the left,
adorned my bedroom wall....
reminding me of things yet to come....
I had always been fascinated by "Bikers" 
and the freedom that they enjoyed, 
This movie made alot of us restless for
the freedom of the road.
 It took me another 3 long years
before I was able to actually do what the song says:


"Get my motor running, 
Head out on the highway,
Looking for adventure and 
Whatever comes my way" 
My best friend Dave, 
he fancied himself as Captain America 
Ca[tain America....aka Dave
and that left me to be Billy.
Billy, aka Me, looking for adventure....
This arrangement worked well for us since neither of us really give a shit about anything,
except for partying and riding our bikes and more partying.... 
We didn't own Harley's, but we had the coolest Suzukis to be found in Idaho, Wyoming and parts of Utah.
We had the forks extended, changed handlebars, attached  highway pegs and added the much needed "sissy bars". Outfitted like this we roamed the highways of Idaho and Wyoming looking for our own adventures.

Our adventures never rivaled those Captain America and Billy, but we did have a lot of fun 
We never made it to Mardi Gras, but we often talked about how cool it would be to just split. 
We did help the strangers that we met in our travels and made lots of new friends along the way.
We never did get shot at by Rednecks in blue Pick-up trucks 
but we did have a few intense moments getting out of some Cowboy Bars that we wandered into. 
Then the very worst thing that could happen to us did, 
We got older, moved apart, got respectable jobs and got married.
We had done all of the things that wouldn't allow us to just drop everything and run off when the road calls 
I really miss by best friend Dave, I haven't seen him in years, but I hope he still thinks about our "Glory Days"
It's probably best that we stopped when we did, because someday we would have met up with a blue Pick-up truck somewhere and I would have given them the finger.......
No Blue Trucks for ME!!
Watch out, you can now find me back on the road again......older and wiser???..


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